For Authors

Responsiveness Speed

  • Approximate time to immediate reject: 1-2 Week
  • Approximate time from submission to first decision after peer review: 4-12 Weeks
  • Approximate time from acceptance to online Publishing: 4-8 Weeks

Preparing Your Article

All submissions to IJCDS journal are carried out online using the EDAS submission system, any submission through email will not be considered will result in delaying the publication of accepted manuscripts. In case of any technical related to edas submission system, authors can directly contact A cover letter in a Word file must be uploaded through the EDAS submission system before uploading the review manuscript. The cover letter should provide the author’s preferred address, email address, phone number, and fax number and indicate the intended publication format, i.e., Regular paper or Review paper. The submission should include an informative abstract of no more than 200 words.

Required Article Templates

Authors should use the IJCDS template for preparing their manuscript. The template includes the required formatting and layout for the manuscript. Authors are required to use the provided template to ensure consistency in formatting across all articles. Accepted manuscripts must be prepared using IJCDS Latex template, It is the authors responsibility to prepare papers as per formatting instructions of the publisher. Accepted papers may not be published unless they meet the publishers formatting standard.

​​​​​Authors are requested to follow the directions presented in the following IJCDS template.docx

Submitting Your Article

Authors are required to submit their manuscripts through the EDAS management submission system, which is integrated with the iThenticate similarity check. The system will check the manuscript for plagiarism and notify the authors of any similarity issues that need to be addressed. EDAS Instructions for Authors is available on

Article Acceptance Requirements

Submitted manuscripts should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
Manuscripts should be original and have not been published previously. The submitted
manuscript will go through a peer-review process. Manuscripts will be evaluated based on
their relevance, originality, clarity, and technical soundness.

Word Limits

The standard manuscript length should be within the limits of 10 to 15 pages, including
references and appendices.


Manuscripts submitted for publication will be checked for plagiarism using iThenticate software. The maximum allowed similarity rating is 15%. Manuscripts that exceed the similarity limit will not be accepted for publication.


By submitting a manuscript for publication, authors acknowledge that the work is original and is not being submitted to any other journal. The submission of a manuscript implies that the authors automatically agree to assign exclusive copyright to the University of Bahrain if the manuscript is accepted for publication. The authors are responsible for obtaining permission for any copyrighted material used in their manuscript.

The Copyright 2018.docx​ provides information about the copyright policies of the journal.​